Company Licensing in Canada

We incorporate your new corporation federally or provincially in any province of Canada according to the provisions of federal and provincial Business Corporation Acts.

We incorporate your new corporation federally or provincially in any province of Canada according to the provisions of federal and provincial Business Corporation Acts.

Why Incorporate in Canada?

Incorporating is the best way to establish your business and to protect your assets. Some of the benefits of incorporating are:

  • No personal liability for the obligations and debts of the business
  • Unincorporated business (sole proprietorships and partnerships) are liable for the full extent of his or her personal assets for the liabilities of the business. To reduce this risk, companies are incorporated to limit the liability of the owners and protect their personal assets.

Some benefits of incorporation are:

  • Ease of transferring ownership. Ownership (represented by shares of stock) can be readily transferred;
  • No shareholder, officer or director may be held liable for debts of the Corporation unless corporate law was breached;
  • Limited Liability – shareholders are not held accountable for the corporation’s debt, obligations, or acts of the company over and above the amount paid or owed for the purchase of shares.
  • Unlimited life – the corporation does not cease to exist, unlike sole proprietorships or partnership, with the death of shareholders because it is a separate legal entity.
  • Access to capital- corporations can raise capital by issuing and selling new shares in the company or by issuing debt.
  • The corporate structure provides for a great deal of flexibility with respect to ax planning;
    Tax advantages- lower tax rates

Sole Proprietorship

  • Alberta Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • British Columbia Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Manitoba Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • New Brunswick Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Northwest Territories Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Nova Scotia Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Nunavut Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Ontario Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Prince Edward Island Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Saskatchewan Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Yukon Sole Proprietorship Registration


  • Alberta Partnership Registration
  • British Columbia Partnership Registration
  • Manitoba Partnership Registration
  • New Brunswick Partnership Registration
  • Newfoundland Partnership Registration
  • Northwest Territories Partnership Registration
  • Nova Scotia Partnership Registration
  • Nunavut Partnership Registration
  • Ontario Partnership Registration
  • Prince Edward Island Partnership Registration
  • Saskatchewan Partnership Registration
  • Yukon Partnership Registration
  • Canada Limited Partnership Registration Service
  • Ontario Limited Partnership Registration


  • British Columbia LLP Registration
  • Canada Company Registration for Foreign Companies
  • British Columbia Incorporation for Non Canadian Residents
  • Canada Company Registration for Hong Kong Entrepreneurs
  • Canada Incorporation Express
  • Canada EPC Registration
  • Ontario EPC Registration
  • Canada Offshore Companies
  • Ontario Limited partnerships
  • Canada Limited Partnerships
  • Ecommerce Business Registration in Canada For Foreign Businesses
  • Canada Startup Visa Program
  • Canada Startup program FAQ’s
  • Canada Startup Visa Program for Global Entrepreneurs
  • Canada Startup Visa Program for American Entrepreneurs
  • Canada Startup Visa Program for European Entrepreneurs
  • Canada Startup Visa for Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Canada Startup Visa Program for Latin American Entrepreneurs

Choose the province of incorporation

  • Canada Federal
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Benefits of Starting a Company in the Canada

Points to make your decision easy

New Markets

All states in the Canada are interested in increasing the business environment and many cities encourage them to invest in their communities. Hence you can have virtually unlimited choices for where to set up your business and can choose a geographical and climate zone that suits you.

Law and Regulations

Businesses in the Canada are treated the same, whether foreign or domestically owned. This gives you the benefit of all the laws relevant to acquiring a business or transferring capital. It puts you on an equal standing with your opponent if there is ever a business dispute. The laws & regulations are the same for all businesses.

Low Corporate Tax

Many states and some cities in the Canada offer financial incentives to foreign investors who will establish their business in a specific location. Some incentives are in the form of tax credits and the country has recently lowered commercial real estate taxes for foreign investors. Also, corporate tax rates are much lower.

Skilled Man Power

No matter what your business in the Canada is, you will find hundreds of skilled workers just waiting for the opportunity you can offer them when you begin hiring workers for your new business. As there are community colleges and technical schools all committed to training students to enter the workforce at all levels.

Business Hub

The Canada is worldwide known as a great business hub. Every day foreign nationals are willing to set up business from larger enterprises to a small startup. The effective way to enlarge business all over the world is to register in the Canadian marketplace key success factors for businesses around the world.

Techno Friendly

Access to advanced technology, which the Canada is known for, increases the desirability of the Canada as a place to do business. Many foreign investors are starting companies in the Canada just to have access to advanced technological innovations which will enhance their business production and world-wide communication.

Why use Berkeley & Lords to set up your company?

Company formation agents, like us, provide many useful services that you will not receive if you register directly with Companies House.

We are constantly improving our company formation process to make sure it’s as quick and simple as possible.

We’ll happily form your company over the phone if you are not confident about doing it online.

We will review your company order before sending to Companies House. 10% of applications are rejected. Not yours!

Protect your home address from the public register by using our address as your company’s registered office.

Issuing shares need not be complex. We offer the best guidance when it comes to your share capital.

Pick from a host of business bank accounts during the order process, all with hassle-free online applications.

Use our state-of-the-art system to manage and make changes to your company. All from one secure login.

Take the first steps in giving your business an online presence by claiming a free or .com domain name.

We’ll be here to help for the duration of your company’s lifetime. Once a client, always a client

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