Corporate Social Responsibility

We help private & public sector companies, trusts, foundations & implementation agencies in the areas of Strategy, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment.

Our interdisciplinary project teams consist of professionals from diverse backgrounds who use their perspectives to facilitate positive organizational change. Together, we form a consortium of experts who share a commitment to quality client service by providing access to state-of-the-art knowledge and expert techniques in executive development, management and supervision, learning systems design, assessment and evaluation, group facilitation and training delivery.

Our human resources consulting services are tailored to support our clients’ existing culture and include such activities as:

  • Cultivating strong teamwork and productivity
  • Aligning the administrative staff support framework, including the redesign of roles, procedures and resources
  • Training management and support staff to effectively implement new systems
  • Building systems, policies, and procedures that facilitate the judicious hiring, assignment, replacement and compensation of the support staff
  • Designing human resource handbooks, job descriptions, procedures for performance and compensation reviews

We work closely with management to create teams that are energized, empowered and engaged. The outcome of our consulting practice is a reliable and collaborative environment, with administrative efficiency and effectiveness.

Solutions in Corporate Social Responsibility

Use our expertise to develop framework for CSR Strategy & Policy – Align your goals

Identify the real need on ground to plan suitable & sustainable social projects.

Engage your stakeholder through a systematic process & materiality

We provide 3rd party monitoring & evaluation of your social projects

Bring together the impact your project on society & ecosystem along with CSR Project

Consultivo supports you to build trust & transparency among your stakeholders

We offer customised training programs as per your need

Why to Engage Berkeley & Lords for CSR?

Hiring corporate social responsibility consultants enables a company to derive more value from its CSR efforts while avoiding potential issues like resource wastage or brand miscommunication. By hiring an experienced CSR advisor, a company can cultivate a positive brand image, enhance its reputation, contribute to community efforts and, ideally, generate more business. Bringing on the right corporate social responsibility consultants can also help reshape a company’s corporate culture to integrate more positive and sustainable work practices.

Additionally, corporate social responsibility consultants help companies achieve the following outcomes:

Corporate social responsibility consultants develop a CSR program strategy in alignment with a company’s business strategy, including its vision, objectives, resource allocation metrics, and strategic trade-offs. Corporate social responsibility consulting ensures a company’s CSR strategy enhances brand recognition, increases sales or customer loyalty, and leads to improved business sustainability.

Corporate social responsibility consultants organize and participate in CSR innovation sprints that seek to uncover CSR ideas. They loop in leadership, employees, and other stakeholders in ideation cycles that enhance a company’s ability to develop homegrown CSR initiatives. CSR advisors also carry out independent CSR innovation and ideation exercises that leverage extensive research to present exciting initiatives to company management.

During CSR initiative design, development, and deployment, CSR advisors cultivate stakeholder, partner, and employee engagement through effective communication and compelling presentations. They also perform extensive interviews and research to understand what each group expects from a CSR initiative and incorporate these findings into the CSR strategy.

CSR advisors play a vital role in rolling out CSR initiatives by designing and developing go-to-market strategies in partnership with PR, marketing, and other related departments. By hiring CSR specialists, companies not only discover and develop persuasive initiatives but also achieve successful market rollouts that drive substantial ROI.

CSR consultants are responsible for running CSR programs after launch and managing various components like community and media engagement, resource mobilization, and ongoing opportunity expansion. CSR advisors also perform initiative evaluations to determine how well the initiative is received, whether it is meeting set KPIs, and identifying and solving any challenges that may arise.

Corporate social responsibility consultants enhance community participation through community outreach, partnerships with community members, and the development of community-led initiatives. Through effective community participation, they ensure a company becomes entrenched in the community narrative, a critical factor in establishing local market dominance.

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