Human Resource Management Consultancy

Our clients must deliver increasingly complex and global initiatives with fewer resources and in shorter timescales. We help companies bring their innovations to market and to transform successfully. As leaders in our field, we live and breathe all things project management.

Professionals from many fields make up our interdisciplinary project teams, and they use their unique insights to promote constructive organizational transformation. We work as a team of subject matter experts to provide access to cutting-edge information and specialized methods in executive development, management and supervision, learning systems design, assessment and evaluation, group facilitation, and training delivery.

Our human resources consulting services consist of such initiatives as are specifically designed to support the existing cultures of our clients.

  • fostering effective collaboration and productivity
  • adjusting the administrative staff support structure, including roles, processes, and resource redesign
  • To successfully adopt new systems, managers and support workers must get training.
  • establishing systems, policies, and procedures that make it easier to hire, assign, replace, and compensate support personnel in a wise manner
  • designing job descriptions, performance and compensation assessment processes, and human resource manuals
  • In order to build teams that are motivated, empowered, and engaged, we collaborate closely with management. Our consulting work results in a trustworthy environment where people work together effectively and efficiently.

Managed HR Solutions

Flexible HR services to meet your company’s needs. To handle requests for leave, letters, and other HR services, we provide operational and administrative HR support. Additionally, all of your strategic HR needs can be met immediately by our strategic HR team. Our services are provided using a hybrid model that combines technology, off-site administrative HR support, and onsite HR business partners.

Why We Are Unique


Our services are created to make HR practical and approachable for SME that are actively expanding.


In order to establish and support regional operations of multinational corporations, we build local HR skills in collaboration with head office HR.


For actual impact and observable outcomes, we integrate local knowledge with experts from around the world.


Profitability and people are at the heart of our solutions, and we are business-driven and commercially astute.

Why Choose Our HR Consulting Services?

Business-Profitability Focused

Our advice and approach will provide your business with a clear roadmap to increase productivity, efficiency, communication, boost employee morale, and ultimately, delivery profitability and growth. We strongly advocate this approach as we believe that this is the secret sauce to building a successful and sustainable business.

Experienced Hiring

As experts in a region, our HR Consultants understand the business landscape and multi-cultural working environment across the globe. This means we have the local know-how and understand the nuances of doing business in the region. We have helped several international organisations establish their footprint in the region with a base and operations.

SME-Focused HR Experts

With a dedicated HR Business Partner assigned to each project, you can be rest assured that you will receive relevant, responsive, and reliable support from our team. Our Human Resource Consultants focus on creating an environment where you can focus on growing your organisation through effective and robust people management practices.

Experienced HR Consultants

Our management team is comprised of Certified HR professionals with a combined experience of more than 25 years in various industry sectors. We pride ourselves on having strong business acumen, which means that we provide strategic guidance that is actionable and results-driven.

Flexible Approach

Through our HR Consultancy and HR Outsourcing services, clients across the globe can rely on professional, responsive, and reliable advice that is client-centric. Our experience in managing complex people challenges allows us to provide support to address unique situations.

Bespoke Services

Our rise to be one of the top human resource companies is a result of our client-centric approach that is responsive, flexible, and fit-for-purpose services. We are responsive and adapt to your business needs and changing priorities swiftly and efficiently.

Berkeley and Lords Consultants

What You Need to Know About Us

We have a complete range of products capable to manage all your business requirements and delivered by meeting the world standards with great customer feedback. We identify your Business needs and give you ultimate comfort in your business operations.

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