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Berkeleyme Real Estate is one of the best based real estate teams, and is with over two decades of combined experience and commitment to higher standards, exclusively focused on selling, buying, property management and assisting real estate investors acquire investment properties.


To be the world's most trusted valued partner in delivering best solutions to maximize shareholder wealth. Our principles, expressed as our corporate values, are: Quality, Ambition, TeamWork, Integrity and Challenge.


Deliver the exceptional results for our clients, end-investors and shareholders.

Berkeleyme Real Estate is one of the best based real estate teams, and is with over 20 years of combined experience and commitment to higher standards, exclusively focused on selling, buying, property management and assisting real estate investors acquire investment properties.

Our unique approach, systems and efficiencies are derived from years of experience, managing hundreds of units. We routinely turns down opportunities that may spread resources to other areas and dilute our standard of service.
We manage property, and that is all we do. The singular focus to be the industry leading real estate company nationwide.


Our highly-qualified team is designed and in place to meet all your real estate needs. We specialize in full service real estate buying and selling and property management, rental relocation, traditional listing and selling, short sales, foreclosures & distressed properties and both new home and auction representation.

Experience & Quality Matter Within this Industry – We think outside the box: Our team is fully qualified and capable of handling everything that full- service real estate buying and selling , property management entails from leasing and marketing to application screening and approval, document preparation, HOA compliance, repair coordination, accounting, and customer service.

Black & Cherry Rental Lead Team: We have a specialized team dedicated to finding prospective renters and displaced property owners the perfect rental home and it’s 100% FREE to you.

New Home Team: Looking to purchase a new home in the area? We have a unique team that focuses on current builder inventory and pricing so that you do not have to do all the work yourself.

Auction Investment Opportunities: We have trained and seasoned agents who will assist you in purchasing homes through local city and county auctions- This is a specific process that requires a niche level of experience.

Distressed Homeowners who may be faced with foreclosure: We have short sale experts that will guide you through the entire short sale process from A-Z and will do it at a discounted rate that is guaranteed to beat the competition.


1. OWN AND INVEST: Our institutional and private investment sales specialists see beyond the bricks and mortar to analyze how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can accelerate the success of your financial portfolio.

2. MANAGE YOUR LEASE: A lease means more than simply securing the space where you do business—for most companies, real estate represents the second-largest expense after personnel. Whether your company operates in one location or hundreds, we take the time to understand your concerns for cost, stability and flexibility.

3. MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY: While most firms quantify asset value on a balance sheet, we consider intangibles such as tenant loyalty, top service requests and new opportunities for mutually beneficial tenant collaboration. These factors are proven to add asset value over time by reducing turnover and operational costs and improving a building’s reputation in the market.

4. DEVELOP YOUR PROPERTY: Whether building from the ground up, retrofitting, refurbishing or enhancing energy efficiency, our project managers can help. We offer site search and selection, financial analysis, design and project management expertise, paired with best-in-class project marketing to achieve your development’s success.


Our in-house affiliated licensed mortgage professionals each year help thousands of people from all walks of life complete on the biggest financial transaction they are ever likely to make. Our dedicated team of mortgage advisors is here ready to take your call and answer your questions.

Our goal is to provide mortgages that best meet our clients’ needs, whether buying a first or next home; purchasing an investment or vacation property; renewing a mortgage; or using the equity in a home for everything from renovations to debt consolidation. We can help clients save on interest and boost cash flow. We treat every mortgage solution as if we were working with you to build your dream home – carefully constructed to match your unique requirements.


• Berkeley Real Estate has built its reputation on its strength, the ability to respond quickly to opportunities in the marketplace, and a history of positive performance on behalf of our clients.
• Founded in 2000, Berkeley has achieved consistent growth and protability. Our staff incorporates over 100 full time professionals experienced in every aspect of the real estate industry.
• A diversified, full service real estate is active in the brokerage of real estate products, real estate marketing, development, asset management and facilities management of industrial and retail properties. Our industrial, retail and o ce brokerage divisions have consistently ranked among the most active in the an area with consistent growth being achieved each year.


Invest in High Return Properties without weeks of research

Our Investment Specialists help you:
• Find properties with the highest ROI potential
• Forecast your passive income and cash flow before you invest
• Choose features that boost opportunities and capital gains
• Get early access and invest before other investors drive up the price


  • Purchase, Lease or Sublease
  • Existing Office Suite to Raw Land
  • Market, Financial & Facility Analysis
  • Negotiation & Implementation
  • Asset Management
  • Construction Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Move Coordination Services
  • Lease Administration
  • Sale or Sublease
  • Lease Restructuring / Workout
  • Marketing / Strategic Facility
  • Consolidation
  • Negotiation & Implementation

Executive level advisors from various “in-house” disciplines assemble to confidentially study, brainstorm and strategize in a think tank forum to advise the clients on new or non- traditional real estate ventures.

  • Lease Review (Renegotiation) Facility Assessment
  • Property Assessment
  • Market Assessment / Forecast
  • Buy vs. Lease vs. Build
  • Sale / Leaseback
  • Build to Suit & Development

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We have a complete range of products capable to manage all your business requirements and delivered by meeting the world standards with great customer feedback. We identify your Business needs and give you ultimate comfort in your business operations.

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